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Innovation and breeding is the key to good variety and good seed ensures good crop. Our goal is to ensure food
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Lal Teer Seed Limited is the first Research-based and the largest seed company in private sector of Bangladesh since 1995. Being only ISO 9001:2008 certified seed company in the country, it is engaged to develop, produce, process and market high yielding seeds of good quality to develop sustainable foundation of agriculture and food security of the country and the world at large.
The company develops high yielding year round nutritious and ecologically sustainable crop varieties for supply to the growers to alleviate the nutritional deficiency of the population of the country.
Lal Teer at present is marketing 131 varieties of 33 vegetable crops in the country. The numbers of hybrid as of today are 55 and Open Pollinated (OP) varieties are 76. It has also 9 hybrid and 5 HYV rice varieties, 3 hybrid maize, 2 hybrid cotton, 3 hybrid varieties of flower, 2 varieties of Jute, and 1 variety each of Potato, Mustard, Mung bean and Lentil.
The Research and Development (R&D) Department of the company has 16 qualified and experienced breeders including 4 Ph.D holders engaged in research to develop varieties and technologies in two research centers.
Countrywide adaptation trials are conducted in 30 agro-ecological zones by Product Development Service (PDS) group to observe the product performance in different climatic conditions for sustainability.
About 6,200 contract growers along with 28,173 workers (80% are women) in 14 different production zones are producing the best quality vegetable seeds under direct supervision of highly skilled and well trained agriculturists.
In 2010, rice research program was initiated and presently 15 scientists have been working in the project. Meanwhile, we are producing hybrid rice seeds locally in collaboration with the Chinese companies. However, we have achieved a significant success in hybrid rice development. At this moment, we have more than 100 employees in our rice seed production program, most of them having agricultural background.  more
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