BINA Dhan 8

Binadhan-8 is a salt tolerant high yielding rice variety which is released in 2010. It is semi dwarf, early maturing and medium bold grain rice variety. Binadhan-8 requires 130-135 days to mature. It is moderately resistant to bacterial leaf blight, sheath blight, brown plant hopper, stem borer and rice hispa. Under salt stress, maximum grain yield is 5.5 t/ha (average 4.5-5.5 t/ha) and in non saline area, maximum 9.0 t/ha (average 7.5-8.5 t/ha). This variety is most suitable in saline areas of Bangladesh and also other non saline areas.
Variety Color Size(cm) Weight(g) Seed Rate/Decimal(g) Sowing Time Maturity (Day) Yield/Acre (ton)
BINA Dhan 8 White - - 6kg per 33 decimal November-Mid January 130-135 Days 2.23 Tons
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