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We produce seeds partnering with in more than 10,000 contract growers of which 80% are women and the company is catering country 10 million farmers to enhance production and their income as well as food and nutritional security of the nation

Contact to employees

Contact details of our employees [department wise] are given below. You may contact them to learn or ask more about any of your queries!!

Dr. Firoze Shah Sikder

Executive Coordinator, LTSL

E-mail: firoze.sikder@multimodebd.com

Mobile No: 01730004901

M.Abdur Rashid, Ph.D.

GM, Project & International Business

E-mail: abdur.rashid@multimodebd.com

Mobile No: 01730004830

KBD. Zahir Ahmed

DGM, Sales

E-mail: zahir.ahmed@multimodebd.com

Mobile No: 01730004976

KBD.Harun Or Rashid

Sr. Manager, Marketing

E-mail: harun.rashid@multimodebd.com

Mobile No: 01755628871

Md.Nizamul Hasan

GM, (A & F)

E-mail: nizamul.hasan@multimodebd.com

Mobile No: 01730004852

Md.Rayhan Bhuiyan

Manager, Project/ NGO/ Inst. Sales, Head Office

E-mail: rayhan.bhuiyan@multimodebd.com

Mobile No: 01730004989

Mr. Shafiqur Rahman

Divisional Manager, Bogura

E-mail: shafiqur.rahman@multimodebd.com

Mobile No: 01730004904

KBD. Mr. Hamidul Islam

Divisional Manager, Jessore

E-mail: hamidul.islam@multimodebd.com

Mobile No: 01730004907

Md. Zunnun Rahman

Divisional Manager, Dhaka

E-mail: zunnur.rahman@multimodebd.com

Mobile No: 01730004986

KBD. Md.Khairul Anam

Divisional Manager, Mymensingh

E-mail: khairul.anam@multimodebd.com

Mobile No: 01730004906

Monirul Islam Swapan

Divisional Manager, Comilla

E-mail: swapan.islam@multimodebd.com

Mobile No: 01730004903

Md.Kamrul Islam

Divisional Manager, Rajshahi

E-mail: kamrul.hasan@multimodebd.com

Mobile No: 01730004909

Abdullah Al Mamun

Divisional Manager, Chittagong

E-mail: abdullah.mamun@multimodebd.com

Mobile No: 01730004902

Tapas Chakraborthy

Divisional Manager, Sreemongal

E-mail: tapash.chakrabarty@multimodebd.com

Mobile No: 01730004905

Md. Mehedi Hassan

Divisional Manager, Rangpur

E-mail: shoriful.islam@multimodebd.com

Mobile No: 01730004910

KBD. Md. Mostafizur Rahman

Divisional Manager, Rangpur, Barishal

E-mail: mostafizur.rahman@multimodebd.com

Mobile No: 01730004908

Riad Afrin Rimon

EXECUTIVE International Business, Dhaka

E-mail: riad.rimon@multimodebd.com

Mobile No: 01322845325

Mohammed Ibrahim Nawaz

GM- International Business, Dhaka

E-mail: ibrahim.nawaz@multimodebd.com

Mobile No: 01730004950