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About Lal Teer Seed Ltd.

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About our organization


Mr. Abdul Awal Mintoo and Mr. Simon Groot of the Netherlands started Lal Teer Seed Ltd in 1995 to produce a small array of seed varieties. Bangladesh, being geographically located at the agriculturally fostered basin, still suffers from a large deficit of vegetable prerequisites. Economic and technological constraints continue to play the major determinants in fostering this ongoing problem. Lal Teer Seed Ltd was founded with the vision to mitigate this specific point. Keeping the need for research in mind and how it can help Bangladeshis understand more about seed yielding and seed variety, Lal Teer Seed Ltd was started. With extensive research and collaboration with local communities across 64 districts of Bangladesh, Lal Teer Seed has become the largest biotechnology and seed Production Company in the country. Recently, Lal Teer has been expanding its operations to open up new markets internationally in South Asia and beyond. As an extension of its seed distribution efforts, in September 2008 Lal Teer started a joint venture with United Phosphorus Limited, India, and entered into pesticide distribution. 


  • Through Research, Integrity and The Talents Aim To Become The Best and Most Trusted Provider Of Seeds and Services In Order To Mitigate The Deficit Of Rice & Vegetable Pre-Requisites, and Economic & Technological Constraints in Bangladesh.
  • To Be The Most Preferred Seed Brand in Bangladesh.
  • Proactive Adoption Of Biotechnology Applications To Strengthen Our Core Competence.


  • Provide Seed and The Latest Technology To Add Value To The Business Of Farming Backed By Integrity and Over The Years Experience.
  • Ensure Desired Quality in All The Seeds Produced and Have 100%, Satisfied Customers.
  • Engage in Scientific Research and Distribution Of High-Quality Seeds and Pesticides To Promote Increased Productivity and Sustainability.


  • To Develop The Best Hybrid and Open Pollinated Seeds To Suit The Farmer’s Need To Maintain and Improve The Quality Standards Across All Types Of Seeds.
  • To Ensure Consistent and Timely Supply To The Market.
  • To Maintain Harmonious Relationship With Growers, Traders, Suppliers, and Farmers.
  • To Create a Working  Atmosphere To Enable The Employees Grow and Prosper.
  • To Imbibe The Philosophy and Values Of The Company in The Employees.


  • Remain Farmer Centric and Focus On Needs Of Farmers 
  • Get Out into The Market and Listen, Observe, Learn and Act
  • Possess a World View Of Agriculture Market
  • Leadership
  • Execution Excellence 
  • Continuous Efficiency Improvement 
  • Innovation and Technology 
  • Integrity and Quality 
  • People – Farmers and Growers

Board of directory

We believe in the future of agriculture, with a faith born not of words but of deeds

Abdul Awal Mintoo

Abdul Awal Mintoo

Chairman (Lal Teer Seed Limited)

Mr. Abdul Awal Mintoo, The Chairman & CEO of Multimode Group of Companies has a high academic background and commendable experience in the field of Trade, Industry, Agriculture, Shipping, Banking, and Insurance. He was born on 22nd February 1949. Mr. Mintoo obtained his B.Sc. in Transportation Science in 1973 and M. Sc. in Transportation Management in 1977 from the State University of New York (SUNY). Mr. Mintoo also obtained the M.Sc. degree in Agricultural Economics from SOAS, University of London, UK. Upon graduation from SUNY, Maritime College, New York he started working with Bresnan Shipping Company, Inc. in New York in the field of Chartering & Ship Operation and continued till 1980. He returned to Bangladesh in 1981. Since then Mr. Mintoo involved himself with various other business and industrial establishments. Mr. Mintoo started his educational career ag ... Read More

Mahbub Anam

Mahbub Anam

Managing Director (Lal Teer Seed Limited)
Mr. Mahbub Anam is an Independent Director of Pragati Insurance Limited. He graduated in Social Science from Dhaka University. He started career in marketing for International Ocean Transportation in 1984. He joined US Lines Agency in Bangladesh, the then largest American Shipping Company. Mr. Mahbub stepped in the field of agriculture in 1995 by playing a vital role in establishing East West Seed (Bangladesh) Limited (Later changed name as Lal Teer Seed Limited). This was the first research based seed company in Bangladesh. In addition, now he has taken responsibility of a new venture, Lal Teer Live Stock Limited to develop better local breed for Cattle & Buffalo to increase milk and meat production in Bangladesh.

He is the past Chairman of the Standing Committee for Agriculture, FBCCI and President of Bangladesh Seed Association. He is the Managing Director of Lal Teer Seed Limited, ... Read More
Nasreen Fatema Awal

Nasreen Fatema Awal

Director (Lal Teer Seed Limited)
Ms. Nasreen Fatema Awal is the Founder President & Adviser of the Women Entrepreneur Association of Bangladesh – WEAB, Vice Chair of the South Asian Women Development Forum (SAWDF-BD), the Founder & Ex-President of the SAARC Chamber of Women Entrepreneur Council (SCWEC), and is a Founding Director of the Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SME) Foundation in Bangladesh under the Ministry of Industries. She oversees Multimode’s Corporate Social Responsibility as well as her family’s charitable foundation, the Nasreen Mintoo Trust, which includes girls’ schools, colleges and hospitals in rural Bangladesh. She is also the Global Adviser of Cornerstone Capital (Financial institution based in New York, USA)
Mrs. Awal is the Vice Chairperson of Multimode Group and she is a noted businesswoman, entrepreneur and philanthropist from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her business interests include agricultu ... Read More
Tabith M Awal

Tabith M Awal

Director (Lal Teer Seed Limited)

Mr. Tabith M. Awal elder son of Mr. Abdul Awal Mintoo and Mrs. Nasreen Fatema Awal was born in a renowned Muslim family on 20th February 1979. He completed his education from George Washington University in D.C. USA and obtained combined degree in M.Sc. in information System Technology and BBA in Management Information System. He has joined their family business as one of the Director just immediate after his higher education. Their family business is known as Multimode Group of Companies. The Company involved in various sectors like Trading, Textiles, Spinning, Agro-industry, manufacturer of Carbon Rod, Marketing-Distributions, Automobile agency, Oil and Gas, Insurance, PE foam manufacturing, Banking etc. Mr. Tabith is a widely traveler and visited many countries in relation to development their business. Besides, he was elected as the Vice President Bangladesh Fo ... Read More

Tafsir M Awal

Tafsir M Awal

Director (Lal Teer Seed Limited)

Mr. Tafsir M. Awal, Mr. Tafsir M. Awal, second son of Mr. Abdul Awal Mintoo and Mrs. Nasreen Fatema Awal. He was born in a renowned Muslim family in August 1981 in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. He graduated from Indiana University, Bloomington, USA in Telecommunications. He also obtained two Minors in Psychology and Marketing and also completed his Masters in Entrepreneurial Management from European Business School in London. Mr. Tafsir is currently engaged with their family business and holding the position of Director of the Multimode Group. He is highly ambitious and devoted to his work.

Tajwar M Awal

Tajwar M Awal

Director (Lal Teer Seed Limited)
Mr. Tajwar M Awal is the Technical Director of Lal Teer Seed Limited, the first R&D based and ISO 9001:2015 certified private owned seed business in Bangladesh. Under his young and energetic leadership, Lal Teer has become the benchmark in the Bangladesh seed industry. Lal Teer has also played a great role in the socio-economic development of the country by using new technologies in the field of agriculture and making cultivation more reliable and easy to the farmers; Mr. Tajwar is one of the masterminds behind such development. Under his leadership, Lal Teer has various projects funded by USAID, Government of Netherlands, etc.
Mr. Tajwar is a Director and the Co-Chairperson of business development of Multimode Group (Lal Teer Seed Ltd is a concern of Multimode Group). He has completed his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Cum Laude, majoring in Marketing and Master of Scie ... Read More