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Lal Teer Seed Ltd wins Bangladesh Innovation Award 2022

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Lal Teer Seed Ltd has received winning award under the Best Innovation – Agriculture category in the Bangladesh Innovation Award 2022.

Bangladesh Innovation Award recognized best innovations under 13 categories and 11 sub-categories this year. To select the winners, the entries were evaluated by rigorous jury sessions where renowned innovation experts of the country were present. Pioneering innovations – whether products, services or processes were judged on their novelty, market need, economic impact and disruption of the status quo.

Under the Best Innovation – Agriculture category, Lal Teer has been awarded for their innovation titled “Innovation of Improved Crop Varieties and Sustainable Seed Supply for Food and Nutrition Security”. The company has won the prestigious status as a recognition of its contribution in reducing the country’s food and nutrition deficits through development and supply of high yielding, saline, heat and drought resilient, and pest and disease tolerant crop seeds.

Bangladesh Innovation Award is an initiative of Bangladesh Innovation Conclave, organized by Bangladesh Brand Forum partnering with a2i (Access to Information), Cabinet Division and ICT Division of Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and UNDP.