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Deal signed for saline-tolerant wheat production across Bangladesh coast

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Lal Teer Seed Limited, a leading seed company in Bangladesh, has signed a deal with OLsAro Crop biotech, a Swedish biotech company, to produce wheat in the coastal regions of Bangladesh. The agreement aims to develop and promote the cultivation of wheat in coastal areas, which have previously been deemed unsuitable for wheat production due to high salinity levels in the soil and water.

Under the deal, OLsAro Crop biotech will provide technical assistance and expertise to Lal Teer Seed Limited to develop saline-tolerant wheat varieties that can withstand the harsh coastal conditions. The two companies will work together to produce and market the new wheat varieties, which are expected to help improve food security and livelihoods for farmers in coastal Bangladesh.
The partnership is also expected to have a significant impact on sustainable agriculture practices in Bangladesh, by encouraging the use of innovative and advanced biotechnology solutions. OLsAro Crop biotech is known for its innovative solutions that promote sustainable farming practices, and their partnership with Lal Teer Seed Limited is expected to lead to the development of more sustainable and eco-friendly wheat production methods.
The deal is also expected to contribute to the global agricultural community's efforts to address climate change and its impact on agriculture. As coastal regions around the world face increasing salinity levels due to rising sea levels, the production of saline-tolerant crops, such as wheat, is becoming increasingly important.
Overall, the deal between Lal Teer Seed Limited and OLsAro Crop biotech is an important step forward in promoting sustainable agriculture practices and improving food security in coastal Bangladesh.